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Ad hoc collaborations

ACRA proposes to meet companies and build together with them a path of collaboration that leads to the application of innovation and corporate social responsibility processes.

We are seeking active partners who are available to build positive processes with us in support of our initiatives, involving also the sectors close to the company's core business.

For every company we can design different processes connected to the reduction of consumption, to the production chain, to the company's internal and external network, to the opportunities of promotion, and internationalization of its business. ACRA offers its contribution in terms of knowledge of the territories, competence accumulated in the areas of intervention, communication capacity, reporting and involvement of human resources.


Enjoy Special Card, the ethical card of UbiBanca in support of ACRA

ACRA and UbiBanca have launched a project together for school gardens to combat child malnutrition in Chad.

ubi bancaLaunched at the beginning of 2012, Enjoy Special Card, the ethical credit card promoted by UbiBanca gives its employees the possibility to support ACRA. By forgoing the commission fees on this card given to the employees of the Group, UbiBanca will donate all the proceeds to ACRA's activities in Chad for the creation of school orchards with the aim of combating child malnutrition in one of the poorest countries in Africa.

The intervention proposed focuses on the subject of food crisis, a phenomenon that alarmingly afflicts the Sahel region of Chad since 2009, and that is hitting the weaker categories of the population, in particular children. In this sense the schools represent an effective tool to enable the consolidation on the long term of good practices for safeguarding food security, thus considerably improving children's quality of life.

The project started in 2011 and in the three rural areas of reference (Aboudeia, Grand Sido and Mongo) in which the population lives constantly under the poverty line, it includes the creation of 34 school orchards for the production of fruit and vegetables, community farmland to cultivate cereals and of school canteens, as well as the construction or restoration of school buildings and wells. The project is integrated with training activities on the cultivation techniques and nutrition and environmental education, teacher training and distribution of school materials.

ubi banca scuola ub banca orti                        


If you are a small or medium enterprise, choose one of our campaigns and support us in reaching a concrete objective. Even with a small contribution you can reach many objectives with your employees and with your customers.


With a donation of at least 500 €


What we ask
What we offer
Select a campaign or special appeal Contact with our corporate relations manager
Send us the logo of the company in high definition The inclusion of the company's logo amongst the campaign supporters and ACRA partners
Send us the contact details of a representative of the company

 An electronic supporter certificate
A report at the end of the project supported


With a donation of at least 2000 €


What we ask
What we offer
Select an area of interest A meeting with our corporate relations manager for choosing the project
Send us the logo of your company in high definition The inclusion of the company's logo amongst the campaign supporters and ACRA partners
Send us the contact details of a representative of the company A hard copy supporter certificate
Quarterly Solidarity Project news
Pictures, updates and eventual plaque from the field with the company's logo
Meeting with the company employees for the promotion of the initiative
A report with detailed financial narrative at the end of the supported project

Co-design of projects

coprogettazione asta2011Co-planning a fundraising event is one of the most effective ways of reaching large fundraising objectives together.

The company can make available

  • its contacts with customers;
  • products, services and competences;
  • facilities and locations;
  • media contacts

ACRA and ArteInvestiment

For Christmas 2012, ACRA organized an auction of contemporary art at the Palazzo Reale of Milan in collaboration with ArteInvestimenti (

Works by Mambor, Biggi, Emblema, Berlingeri, Lodola, Finzi, Pisani, Romani and many more contemporary artists were auctioned by Gabriele and Francesco Boni.

More than one hundred works have been awarded a total of € 57,000 which will be used to support the right to education of girls and boys. An important result made possible thanks to many people who donated their time and competence.

The entire proceeds of the auction of works donated by the artists will go to the Njombe professional training school in Tanzania, to guarantee accessible, quality, sustainable education.

In 2011, thanks to the collaboration between ACRA and the ArteInvestimenti staff, the auction achieved a fantastic result for the children in Chad: 44,000 euro were used to build schools and equip them with furniture and materials in the region of Grand Sido.


coprogett asta

Solidarity gifts

ACRA's solidarity gifts are a perfect way to stress the corporate social responsibility also in ones shopping.

Christmas cards and gifts, prizes for employees, objects to give customers who are respectful of the environment, of the community and in support of our cause.

See how many gifts you can choose from in ACRA-CCS SOLIDARITY SHOP

Involvement of employees

  • Involving employees on solidarity initiatives is one of the most common ways of reaching more objectives at the same time.
  • On one hand to pursue the results set in the human resources management plan, creating a climate of reliance and appreciation amongst colleagues and members of the staff, on the other to enhance the value of the corporate mission by putting it side by side with our mission.
  • Company volunteering or organization of events that involve employees favour the involvement of some employees who become ACRA ambassadors, for the projects supported and spokespersons for the beneficiaries from the countries.
  • The more employees are involved directly, the more benefits will derive from the enthusiasm and opportunity of positive contagion which occurs directly amongst colleagues.
  • One of the most effective ways is to intercept the skills and passions that already animate the company's employees, like in the case of initiatives connected to sports or the world of the arts.



BravoSolution Runner Team

It is now 4 years that BravoSolution involves its employees in a charity race for ACRA at the Milan City Marathon. ACRA has for the past 4 years been the executive Charity Partner of this event and it is therefore possible to:

• enrol single runners or relay teams;
• print customized T-shirts with the logo of the campaign;
• meet the testimonials who over time have supported;
• run with the ACRA logo;
• launch personal fundraising campaigns to involve all employees and customers of your network.

In over 20 years more than 120 runners amongst the employees and customers of BravoSolution were involved in this fundraising event: an ongoing relationship which has raised more than 10,000 euro for education projects in Chad and in Tanzania.