Involvement of employees

  • Involving employees on solidarity initiatives is one of the most common ways of reaching more objectives at the same time.
  • On one hand to pursue the results set in the human resources management plan, creating a climate of reliance and appreciation amongst colleagues and members of the staff, on the other to enhance the value of the corporate mission by putting it side by side with our mission.
  • Company volunteering or organization of events that involve employees favour the involvement of some employees who become ACRA ambassadors, for the projects supported and spokespersons for the beneficiaries from the countries.
  • The more employees are involved directly, the more benefits will derive from the enthusiasm and opportunity of positive contagion which occurs directly amongst colleagues.
  • One of the most effective ways is to intercept the skills and passions that already animate the company's employees, like in the case of initiatives connected to sports or the world of the arts.



BravoSolution Runner Team

It is now 4 years that BravoSolution involves its employees in a charity race for ACRA at the Milan City Marathon. ACRA has for the past 4 years been the executive Charity Partner of this event and it is therefore possible to:

• enrol single runners or relay teams;
• print customized T-shirts with the logo of the campaign;
• meet the testimonials who over time have supported;
• run with the ACRA logo;
• launch personal fundraising campaigns to involve all employees and customers of your network.

In over 20 years more than 120 runners amongst the employees and customers of BravoSolution were involved in this fundraising event: an ongoing relationship which has raised more than 10,000 euro for education projects in Chad and in Tanzania.