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Gift in kind

A donation in kind is a donation for which the financial contribution to purchase goods or services is substituted by a free supply of the same goods or services.

ACRA has established, in the course of the years, a number of agreements with companies associated with the free provision of goods and services that have granted the use on the field of equipment of the highest quality or have offered consultancies and pro-bono services by experts and firms.

ACRA - Prysmian Cables & Systems

giftinkind prysmianIn the rural area of Madunda, in southern Tanzania, there is no electricity. In 2006 ACRA launched a program for rural electrification aimed at a sustainable social-economic development of the region in collaboration with the local populations. During the entire duration of the program, Prysmian Cables & Systems supported ACRA with the donation of materials for power distribution.

The program is based on the sustainable use of natural resources through the provision of renewable electric energy produced from a hydroelectric plant which will distribute power to schools, health centres, public offices, small and medium enterprises.

The figures of the program give an idea of the enormous efforts which were successful only thanks to the full collaboration of the local communities and to the many funders and partners that have collaborated in reaching the objectives:

  • Total project beneficiaries: 20,000;
  • capacity in KW/h produced annually by the plant: 1.3 million;
  • medium voltage line: 21.5 km;
  • low voltage line: 20 Km;
  • 147 substations built;
  • 256 homes connected;
  • 3 primary schools and 1 secondary school connected;
  • 78 connected business enterprises;
  • 1 dispensary and 1 health centre connected.


In a first phase, in 2008, Prysmian Cables & Systems donated electric cables for 16 kilometres: Subsequently, in the month of May 2011, other 10 kilometres of cables were donated to connect new users to the grid.

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