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Right to education in Bekamba


icona educazionebambiniPromotion of the right to education through the empowerment of non public actors in the education system of the District of West Mandoul and N'Djamena



Chad, Region of Mandoul, District of West Mandoul, cantons of Bangoul, Bekamba, Peni; city of N'Djamena.


From September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2014


This intervention, which follows others implemented in Chad, is aimed at promoting the gradual process of school education of boys and girls acting both at a territorial level, by supporting the role of the parents associations and the various non state actors, as well as at institutional level, stimulating the role of the local authorities to take responsibility of the management of education services. Promotion of children's rights, of civil education, reduction of gender inequality, are the fundamental elements that guide the project.



  • To guarantee children's right to a quality primary education.
  • To empower non state actors and local authorities
  • To support civil society organizations and services connected with education.



  • Support to decentralized non state actors responsible for Chad's education system.
  • Training and support to parents associations
  • Construction of wells and toilets in 5 schools.
  • Creation of school orchards
  • Environmental education course in schools
  • Supply of learning material for school children
  • Training of teachers
  • Support to the recognition of 20 schools by the national education system



Direct beneficiaries:
5,761 people of which 5,570 students, 81 teachers and 110 members of 20 Parents Associations in the District of Mandoul Occidental.
Indirect beneficiaries:
around 160,000 inhabitants of the District of Mandoul Occidental, 157 villages and 138 schools in the area.



Total value:
400.083,70 €

Principal funder:

ue European Commission


Other funder:



Fédération Nationale des Associations des Parents d'Elèves du Tchad (FENAPET)
Union des Associations des Parents d'Elèves de Bangul, Bekamba et Peni (UNAPE/BBP)