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School of democracy


icona educazionefirma accordiCapacity building of the local authorities and non state actors aimed at improving access to and quality of primary education in the District of Aboudeia



Region of Salamat, District of Aboudeia.





From June 15, 2010 to June 14, 2013



The illiteracy rate in Chad is one of the highest in the world. The region of Salamat holds a sad record: it has the lowest school education rate: only 21% of the population compared to a national average of around 65%.

This intervention is part of a program that ACRA is bringing forward in Chad for the promotion of access to primary education, and its main objectives: institutional strengthening of the various state, regional and territorial bodies which, at various levels, are responsible for education services in the District of Aboudeia; training and guidance to the parents and students associations, organizations that are responsible on a local level for the management and maintenance costs of the schools; the tangible promotion of children's rights. The positive outcome of the project will enable more generally to improve local governance, contributing to create a democratic society.



Guide non state actors and local authorities in adopting education services management policies and practices, in a participatory process which favours the construction of a fair and democratic society.



  • Sensitization campaign on school attendance (especially of girls).
  • Support in the creation of parents associations (APE) and strengthening of the existing ones (organization, management and planning capacity and achievement of financial independence), as well as guidance in obtaining juridical status.
  • A fund in support of self-financed micro-projects is made available to the AMEs and APEs. In this way these associations will have the opportunity to implement income generating activities (farming of community fields, carpentry workshops, tailor workshops et.) the resources of which will contribute to cover the schools' running costs.



Direct beneficiaries of this intervention are the various non state actors and local authorities involved in the project, and in particular:

  • The APE - Associations des Parents d'Elèves (associations of parents of schoolchildren);
  • The AME - Associations des Mère d'Elèves (associations of mothers of schoolchildren);
  • The CFC - Centre de Formation Continue (centre of lifelong learning);
  • IDEN - Inspection Départementale de l'Education Nationale (national education inspectorate);
  • The Service d'Alphabétisation Départementale (district literacy service);
  • DREN - Délégation Régionale de l'Education Nationale (regional delegation of national education).

Beneficiaries of the project are also the 21,500 children of school age in the District of Aboudeia, school teachers and community teachers (IDEN has 81 teachers of whom 52 are qualified and 29 are community teachers).

The project will have indirect repercussions on the entire population of the District of Aboudeia, estimated at around 64,865 people, and on the decentralized services of the State responsible for the management of the education system.




Total value:
665.320 €


Principal funder:

ue European Commission


Other funder:
Fondazione Renato Grandi

Fondazione Mediolanum

INADES Formation Tchad