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Amazonia: stop the garbage


icona ambienteecumon 1Solid waste management and reduction of pollution in the Taisha Municipality and in the Achuar territory



Provinces of Pastaza and Morona-Santiago, Taisha municipality and Achuar community



From February 1, 2011 to July 31, 2013.



The Achuar communities of Ecuador have always lived in symbiosis with their territory. Development and population growth however threaten the delicate balance of the Amazonian eco system (excessive exploitation of natural resources, deforestation, garbage). For this reason some communities are seeking a common and sustainable strategy to guarantee wellbeing and safeguard their habitat. Firstly is the issue of a correct management of solid waste. The project aims, in particular , to create, at institutional and community level, a new local environmental awareness for the conservation of the Amazon forests for the future generations.



Strengthen the synergy between the Achuar community and the Taisha Municipality to improve and implement the public management of solid waste, reducing pollution in the Achuar territory of Morona-Santiago e Pastaza.



  • Improvement of the municipal waste dump of Taisha, with construction of complete cover and of areas dedicated to special, dangerous waste (batteries and medicines).
  • Purchase of a collecting and compacting machine and of a mini-shredder.
  • Construction in Achuar area of small dumping sites protected by a geo-membrane, creation of composting sites for the production of natural fertilizers, temporary collection points for harmful waste, construction of ecological community toilets.
  • For the purpose of reducing use of piles and batteries, the project promotes the use of alternative energies, such as solar panels and the testing of microbial bioelectricity.
  • Organization of a series of training modules on waste management and on alternative energies for municipal technicians and community promoters.
  • Environment education in schools and in communities with the organization of sensitization events in the communities and the publication of learning and information materials.
  • Negotiation of agreements with the competent ministries for a better waste management in the Amazon area.



Direct beneficiaries:
250 families in 15 Achuar communities in the Provinces of Morona Santiago and Pastaza and the inhabitants of the municipality of Taisha for a total of approximately 7,500 people.

Indirect beneficiaries:
the population of Taisha and the parishes of Montalvo, Wampuik and Pumpuentsa (aprox. 12,000 people).




Waste collection and disposal is a responsibility of the municipality which, together with Fundación Chankuap, participates in all the phases of identification and implementation of the project. In particular the local authorities and the technicians operating the service participate in the definition of the management plan and the elaboration of the executive ordinances. The integration of environment education and the sensitization campaign, together with the offer of alternative solutions, will contribute to guarantee a reduction in release of highly polluting substances on the territory and the management of eco-compatible waste management.



Total value:
602.367 €


Principal funder:
ue European Commission


Other funders:

Municipio de Taisha
Fundación Chankuap

Università di Firenze
Miduvi - Ministerio de Desarrollo Urbano y Vivienda
NAE - Nazionalità Achuar dell'Ecuador