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Remittances for development

ico educazione internaattività in italiaREMITTANCES FOR DEVELOPMENT, ECUADOR



Provinces of Azuay and Cañar

Lombardy, Liguria, Piemonte



From February 1, 2011 to July 31, 2013.



In a global multicultural context characterized by migratory phenomena, the opportunity to help migrant citizens become the protagonists of the development of their countries of origin has become increasingly important. By activating co-development dynamics, the project aims to focus on the Ecuadorian community living in Italy and create networks with actions of local development in the provinces of Azuay and Cañar in Ecuador. In particular the project aims to strengthen transfer of remittances from migrants and investment models will be suggested for investing these resources in the construction and rehabilitation of water infrastructure projects.



Build up a cooperation mechanism between migrant communities, institutions, financial entities and local actors in Ecuador to:

  • strengthen Ecuadorian migrant associations in Lombardy, Liguria and Piedmont to enable them to promote co-development dynamics with their country of origin;
  • develop and increase the efficiency of the financial system in the transfer of remittances by migrants to Ecuador;
  • optimize these remittances by channelling them through investments in actions of territorial development of the rural communities of Ecuador.



In Italy:

  • Creation and processing of a data bank on the provenance of the Ecuadorian migrants and their associations.
  • Implementation of training courses for the management and implementation of associations and their inclusion in the network.
  • Design of a sensitization campaign on the issues of development and co-development and implementation of a communication course aimed particularly at young migrants who wish to learn more about the media.
  • Creation of a territorial event, as a first occasion of sharing the practices developed on the theme of co-development.
  • Capacity-building in Small Business and Corporate Social Responsibility for those migrants who have already established small businesses or who wish to start one.
  • Strengthening of the partnership with Jardin Azuayo and financial institutions in Italy to improve services for collecting and transferring remittances and savings management.
  • Definition of savings and investment products to offer the Ecudorian community living in Italy.

In Ecuador:

  • Sensitization of the migrants' families in the provinces, on the sustainable use of the remittances.
  • Training will be provided on the management and maintenance of the water infrastructures to guarantee a correct and efficient use. Training sessions will also be organized on the rational and sustainable use of the natural resources of the territory, activities in protection of the water springs and the recovery and reforestation of degraded areas in the vicinity of said springs.
  • Activation of a Water Fund for co-funding projects for the rehabilitation or construction of basic water infrastructures (aqueducts for drinking water and systems for draining sewage) and irrigation systems in the communities of origin of the migrants (provinces of Azuay and Cañar).
  • Activation of a Fund for the development of production activities for funding individual producers and community or grassroots organizations to which part of the remittances from the Ecuadorian migrants in Italy will be channelled, with the objective of developing the economic-productive fabric of the area with positive repercussions in terms of employment.
  • Data collection for a market research for exporting local products requested by migrants and aimed at identifying possible distribution channels (fair trade, shops selling Latin American products, etc.).




  • 50 Ecuadorian migrants associations in Italy, expressly identified in the first phases of the projects.
  • At least 20,000 people reached by the sensitization campaign.
  • 30 participants in representation of the associations of Ecuadorian migrants in Italy involved in the training courses included in the project.
  • 5,000 members of the communities of Azuay and Cañar who will benefit from the construction and/or rehabilitation of the water infrastructures.

A brilliant result of this project is represented by the creation of ECQUITA, a group of girls and boys of Ecuadorian origin living in Italy, between Milan, Turin, Lodi and Genova who's founding inspiration is to promote a new concept of global citizenship and establish a dialogue between identities, cultures and generations.
ECQUITA was promoted by ACRA in collaboration with the Associazione Coopecuador, associations FENA (Turin), USEI (Savona), Giovani senza frontiere (Genova) and Lazos Ecuatorianos (Lodi), with the support of the Cariplo Foundation and the Peppino Vismara Foundation, and of the Ecuador Consolate in Milan and SENAMI (Secretaria Nacional del Migrante, Italia).



The project aims to reach long term sustainability on 3 aspects:

  • In Ecuador, in collaboration with local partners, a fund was allocated for production activities with technical support, the duration of which (currently established as ten years) will last way beyond the conclusion of the project.
  • In Italy, the financial education activities aim to have a long term effect and a transmission of contents by the associations, also through the instruments which will be provided to them and will remain available and usable.
  • When Model 3, an integrated instrument for the transfer of remittances leaning on a bank system (in Italy) and the micro finance institutions (in Ecuador), will be activated it will guarantee the use of a sustainable, efficient and transparent money transfer system.



Total value:
1.838.895 €


Principal funder:


peppino vismara

Cooperativa di Risparmio e Credito Jardin Azuayo
CECCA (Centro de Capacitatiòn Campesina del Azuay)


Other partners:

CeSPI (Centro Studi Politici Internazionali)
Extrabanca S.p.A
Mitad del Mundo