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Water and governance


icona acqua acquaCooperation in local public policies between Europe and Central America for an improvement of governance and the integrated management of water resources.



Nicaragua, District of Rio San Juan, Municipality of San Carlos

Honduras, District of La Paz, Municipality of Marcala



From January 15, 2013 to January 15, 2016



ACRA participates in this intervention as a partner of Waterschap Noorderzijlvest, a Dutch NGO, the project leader. Principal aim of the initiative is to strengthen the capacity of municipal officials and competent authorities in the governance and management of water resources through a training program, providing a strategic tool for planning the water resources effectively and consolidating the collaboration mechanisms between the various bodies involved through the exchange of experiences amongst peers and between Central American and European municipalities. The sensitization and promotion of use of water amongst the population is another element in which the project focuses in order to create a more responsible consumption of water resources.



To contribute to the development of Municipal Good Governance and the capacity building of the municipalities of San Carlos (Nicaragua) and Marcala (Honduras) in the area of integrated management of the water resources of the two municipalities, with a particular attention in the micro-basins.



  • Updating of the cartographic and water supply researches and realization of complementary research on water issues.
  • Definition of a Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP).
  • Training course with diploma for the municipal officials bound to the improvement results in the integrated municipal management of water resources.
  • Installation of a monitoring and tracing system of the management, quantity and quality of the resources.
  • Course in Geographic Information System (GIS) applied to the management of water resources.
  • Equipping of the Environment Unit for the implementation of the Water Resources Management Plan.
  • Training in Basin Organization, of the sub-basin and micro-basin committees, as organisms of coordination for the governance of water resources.
  • Exchange of experiences in water governance with Holland, Spain and other twinned cities.
  • Promote a sensitization campaign in the rational and sustainable use of water resources.



Direct beneficiaries:
around 58.000 people in the municipalities involved, 30 municipal officials of San Carlos and Marcala and 30 officials of the competent authorities in management and planning of water resources.

Indirect beneficiaries:
300,000 people in the municipalities in the valley of the San Juan river (Nicaragua and Costa Rica) and 150,000 people in the valley of the El Chiflador river (Honduras).



The municipalities involved in the project can rely on a technical tool of high reliability level derived from the studies carried out on the field, as well as qualified personnel thanks to said studies, as well as qualified personnel consequently to a continued learning process. The water resources will be constantly monitored by special offices defined in the Water Resource Management Plan. These offices, at the conclusion of the project , will be institutionalized in order to guarantee their operation. Furthermore, thanks to the training process, the officials will have gained the competence and the instruments needed to elaborate further projects, in order to access, also in the future, new funding for their territory.
This pilot project aims to contribute to the institution at National level of effective and lasting models for the management of water resources.
Finally, thanks to the sensitization campaign, the population will have gained awareness of issues such as water consumption, the importance of water supply planning, the need to change one's lifestyle in front of the priorities identified, contributing in this way to the development of a prevention and conservation culture as concerns water resources.



Total value:
700.000 €


Principal funder:
ue   European Commission

Waterschap Noorderzijlvest (capofila)
Alcaldía Municipal de San Carlos
Alcaldía Municipal de Marcala
Euskal Fondoa
Autoridad Nacional del Agua (ANA)



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