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water: zero waste!


icona acqua cartellonewater: zero waste!



Italy, Province of Pavia
Municipalities of Pavia, Voghera, Vigevano, Vellezzo Bellini, Torre d'Isola, Marcignago, Vidigulfo, Varzi



From September1, 2012 to June 30, 2013





Water, an indispensible resource for the life of every human being but also necessary to guarantee productive activities and the survival of the planet, is becoming more and more scarcely available due to the increase in consumption, the growing forms of pollution, the concentration of the populations in urban areas, of the weakness of government policies aimed at sustainability and respect of the natural cycle of this resource.
In different European countries, amongst which Italy, since 2007 the consumption of water for all uses is greater than the available water accumulated through the natural cycle. The Lombardy Region in particular is top of the list in household consumption in Italy, but also other consumptions are far from being sustainable.
It is therefore necessary to contain water consumption, in the perspective of a sustainable management of the resource, starting from household and civil consumption, in which it is possible to cultivate responsible lifestyles and sensitize the younger generations.



The project known as "Water: Zero waste" wants to offer primary and secondary school students and teachers an opportunity to reflect on the issue of water through an interdisciplinary approach. With the competition amongst schools, the project intends to provide a concrete opportunity to promote change of consumption behaviour towards a more sustainable perspective:

  • to be informed of the main issues connected with water resources;
  • to assess the impact of one's lifestyle and of consumption behaviour on the environment;
  • to stimulate new lifestyles oriented towards an environmental sustainability;
  • to stimulate the assumption of responsibility by each individual towards natural resources.



  • November 2012: adherence of 30 classes to the project and supply of information materials for the teachers;
  • January -March 2013: launch of learning courses in the classroom with the organization of two meetings of two hours with expert trainers from ACRA, using participatory methodologies. The laboratories, structured on the basis of age and specific needs of the participants, focus on the subject of consumption, of the water footprint, and of good practices to protect the resource;
  • January – March 2013: planning meetings with the teachers;
  • March-May 2013: sensitization initiatives organized by the classes internally to their schools on the subject of a sustainable use of water to involve other classes, the teachers, parents and administrative and technical personnel.
  • 22 March 2013: theatre workshops in Pavia for the World Water Day;
  • May 2013: final event for all the classes that took part in the project and awarding of prizes to the 3 classes who won the competition.



Direct beneficiaries:

  • 660 students (30 classes)
  • 60 primary and secondary school teachers

Indirect beneficiaries:

  • 2,500 students
  • 100 primary and secondary school teachers
  • 1,800 families of students of the schools involved

 Main results obtained:

  • Teachers have gained ideas and tools for an interdisciplinary learning programming on the theme of water.
  • Students are aware of the importance of water and their responsibility to safeguard it.
  • A virtuous behaviour is spread in the schools involved (water saving, reduction of pollution, attention on sustainability, also in relation to, for example, separate collection and water in jugs).



Providing teachers with ideas, tools and motivation, facilitates on one hand the interdisciplinary learning program in the coming years, and on the other hand schools are activated in autonomously implementing sensitization activities.
The project also facilitates the dissemination of proposals and opportunities in the field of education for schools in collaboration with the local entities.



Total value:
17.200 €


Principal funder:
Monte di Lombardia Bank Fundation


With the patronage of:

  • Regional Education Office of Pavia
  • Municipality of Pavia
  • Municipality of Voghera
  • Municipality of Vigevano

With the participation of the Province of Pavia

Schools involved:
  • Primary school "Vidari" of Vigevano
  • Primary school "Dino Provenzal" of Voghera
  • Primary school "Carducci" of Pavia
  • Primary school "Maestri" of Pavia
  • Primary school of Marcignago
  • Primary school "Angelini" of Torre d'isola
  • Primary school of Vellezzo Bellini
  • Primary school of Vidigulfo
  • Secondary school degree "Ferrari" of Varzi
  • Secondary school degree "Angelini" of Pavia