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icona educazioneincontroalligator project



Sardinia, Municipality of Oristano

Region of Sédhiou. Municipalities of Bounkiling, Marsassoum, Samine- Escale, Tanaff.



From November 14, 2012 to November 13, 2013



The Region of Sédhiou, created in 2008, is one of the 14 administrative regions of Senegal. Due to its recent establishment, the region needs guidance, structuring, technical and financial organization especially for its local communities and in particular its Municipalities. In consideration of the organizational limitations of the administrative decentralization process under way in Senegal, the Municipalities of the region have defined, in common agreement, to merge around a local partnership convention and have requested the technical support of ACRA, of Senegalese NGO Sahel 3000, and of the municipality of Oristano that will guide them in capacity building to execute their mandate. The principal scope of this collaboration is to identify sustainable solutions for the difficult problem of household solid waste management and thus guarantee healthier conditions in the villages.



Main objective:

  • Improvement of environmental management, in particular of waste, through the exchange of good practices in a context of strengthening of knowledge of civil society and promotion of a participatory approach.

Specific objective:

  • Consolidation of a pilot territorial project between Oristano and 4 Senegalese municipalities for the promotion of actions of co-development in the field of environmental policies and waste management.



  • Senegalese teacher training in 4 pilot primary schools (with the ToT method - Training of Trainers).
  • Launch of environmental education in 4 pilot primary schools in the 4 Senegalese municipalities with the module of the "eco-report card".
  • Organization of a final event on the territory with the participation of the municipalities of Oristano and of Achab.
  • Participatory diagnostics (target: Local Actors- schools, population).
  • Workshop for restitution of results of the diagnostics.
  • Workshop on participatory planning.
  • Shared management plan (technical assistance).
  • Exchange visits for sharing good practices (in other Senegalese municipalities).
  • Teacher training in 4 primary schools in Oristano with expert support.
  • Training children in 20 classes of 4 primary schools in Oristano (5 classes for each of the 4 schools).
  • Training of 10 Senegalese migrants resident or living in the municipality of Oristano on co-development and development education.
  • Launch of learning partnerships (Sardinia-Senegal).
  • Organization of an event on the territory to promote the activities implemented with the funding of the Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (autonomous region of Sardinia) and dissemination of results achieved with the AlligatOr project.



Direct beneficiaries:

  • At least 20 Senegalese primary school teachers.
  • At least 200 students of 4 Senegalese primary schools (50 students for each of the 4 pilot classes).
  • At least 20 Oristano primary school teachers.
  • At least 400 students of the 4 primary schools in Oristano (20 students from each of the 4 pilot schools)
  • At least 10 Senegalese migrants resident in the Province of Oristano.

Indirect beneficiaries:

  • The Senegalese communities living in the 4 Municipalities and the inhabitants of the other municipalities involved in the Exchange of experiences.
  • The inhabitants of the Municipality of Oristano.
  • The local State and non State Sardinian actors
  • Te local State and non State Senegalese actors



The AlligatOr project is a module within a broader intervention funded by the European Union Delegation in Senegal known as Management of solid waste within a process of inter-municipal strengthening (Gestione dei rifiuti solidi in un processo di rafforzamento intercomunale.). This project is implemented in Senegal, in the region of Sédhiou, Municipalities of Bounkiling, Samine Escale, Tanaff and Marsassoum and focuses on the management of household solid waste in a process of inter-municipal consolidation. The inter-municipal connotation of this project is in itself an indicator of profound innovation and is included within a formal and lasting active collaboration between more subjects (communities, local institutions, NGOs) that positively affects the institutional sustainability of the action.



Total value:
79.002 €


Principal funder:
Autonomous Region of Sardinia


Municipality of Oristano (project leader)

Achab Group
Municipalities of Bounkiling Samine Escale, Tanaff and Marsassoum (Senegal)

Sahel 3000 (Senegal)