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icona educazioneformazioneDEAR Student. Networking local actors to strengthen Global Citizenship Education and Sustainable Development of the school system



Spain, Italy, Portugal
Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia


From March 1, 2013 to September 1 2015



The action is placed within the framework of initiatives on Global Citizenship Education (GCE) and sensitization. In spite of the growing consensus of the European institution in recognizing the importance of promoting such initiatives to give awareness to citizens on the issues of sustainable development and to support more coherent political and social models, they are still left on the margins of the national educational and training programs and relegated to extracurricular activities. The adoption of intercultural competences based on values associated with the respect of the fundamental rights is instead necessary to guarantee, for everyone, an education that prepares students to fight all forms of discrimination and to actively promote the social transformations needed for a sustainable human development.

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General objective:

  • Strengthen relations between local authorities, non-state actors and institutions responsible for the education policies for the purpose of encouraging more coherent public policies in sustainable development.

Specific objective:

  • To support the role of the local authorities as catalysts of sustainable change in their communities, starting from the capacity building in promoting development education within formal education and in the context of alliances with the different stakeholders..



  • Seminars and meetings between local authorities and actors on the territory to establish a plan of action that leads to creating the conditions for a broader extension of the activities related to Global Citizenship Education.
  • Pilot GCE programs for secondary school teachers trained on transversal themes.
  • Exchange of good practices in GCE between teachers and education policy makers.
  • GCE activities for students of primary and secondary schools.
  • Conferences and materials to disseminate results and lessons learned.



  • Direct beneficiaries:55 local authorities;
  • 5 primary schools in each territory;
  • 5 secondary schools in each territory;
  • 2,625 secondary school students;
  • 10,500 primary school teachers;
  • 70 primary school teachers;
  • 21 representatives of the territorial administrations responsible for education policies.

Indirectly the project reaches 20,000 European citizens and the staff of the schools involved



The continuation of the effectiveness of the processes activated will be guaranteed in first place by the direct involvement of both local authorities responsible for the education programs and those delegated by international cooperation. Collaboration protocols for the different bodies involved will safeguard the continuation of institutional support. With regard to practices, the sustainability of the intervention will be achieved through a strong investment in a structured training of teachers involved as well as the definition of methodologies and tools useful for replicating and for the evolution of the training models proposed.



Total value:
982.273,80 €


Principal funder:

ue   European Commission


FAMSI (project leader)