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Communication and inter-culture


icona educazioneon-airCommunication and Inter-culture: Web Tv and radio for reception and integration in the Corvetto-Mazzini neighbourhood



Milan, Corvetto-Mazzini neighbourhood



From October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2013



The Corvetto-Mazzini neighbourhood of Milan is characterized by a strong presence of migrants from different countries: North Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe. The coexistence between the various groups has not always been peaceful and the episodes of clashes and friction represent an obstacle to the processes of integration and social cohesion between the different ethnic groups and with the Italian population on the same territory.
ITSOS Albe Steiner, promoter of the project in collaboration with ACRA and Associazione Nocetum, is an experimental technical school situated in this neighbourhood and which proposes to implement and consolidate strategies and tools for promoting integration based on communication and the valorisation of the different cultures. Through the use of video, radio, web and magazines, the students can deepen their reflections on migrations, create spaces of integration to facilitate reciprocal knowledge, promote and valorise experiences of active citizenship in the context in which they live.



  • Promote relations and the direct acquaintance of Italian and foreign students through the creation of shared spaces for implementing actions of active citizenship.
  • Contribute to spread knowledge of different cultures, relations between the local and global contexts through the activation of programs that promote the recognition and respect of human rights.
  • Promote collaboration between schools, migrant associations, local authorities and associations on the territory of reference to favour a participatory and coordinated process of inclusion.




  • Information-education program on "Inter-culture and Migrations".
  • Creation of a blog connected to the websites of the schools, to Web Tv and the ACRA website.
  • Training in "Communication and Inter-culture".
  • Production of videos on the sub ject "This is my Country" and their broadcast on the web TV of the schools.
  • Production of 3 radio programs on integration and migrations uploaded as podcasts on the web.
  • Production of 3 multicultural Happy Hours.
  • Production of a feature in the neighbourhood press, "Quattro".
  • Final event for dissemination on the territory.



Direct beneficiaries:

  • 40 students (Italiani and foreign) of ITSOS Albe Steiner
  • ITSOS Albe Steiner teachers

Indirect beneficiaries:

  • 700 ITSOS Albe Steiner students (Italian and foreign )
  • 100 families of ITSOS Albe Steiner students
  • 100 migrants and groups of migrants living in the Corvetto-Mazzini neighbourhood
  • 5,000 citizens living in the Corvetto-Mazzini neighbourhood




Total value:
98.290 €


Principal funder:



ITSOS Albe Steiner (project leader)
Associazione Nocetum