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The world in the classroom


icona educazioneitasar 2The world in the classroom: a Sardinian network for Global Citizenship Education



Sardinia, Provinces of Cagliari and Oristano



From May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014




The project aims to contribute to the dissemination of practices in Global Citizenship Education in Sardinia by strengthening the competences of the actors in the education on the territory and activation of an exchange and dialogue network.
This is a pilot experience for disseminating good practices in two Sardinian provinces, Cagliari and Oristano, which can then be used as a model and replicated on the entire regional territory. Furthermore, the synergies created between the various actors involved in the project, can continue beyond the duration of the project, continuing with initiatives of collaboration between schools, associations, NGOs and local institutions in the territories of reference. The methodological approach adopted in this project is centred on learning subject, it is participatory, inclusive and dialogue oriented.



Main objective:

  • Contribute to the dissemination of practices in Development Education and Global Citizenship in Sardinia.

Specific objective:

  • Strengthen skills and capacity of dialogue within Global Citizenship Education in schools, local bodies and territorial associations in the provinces of Cagliari and Oristano.



  • Organization of two residential training seminars and exchange of good practices for primary and secondary school teachers in the provinces of Cagliari and Oristano.
  • Pilot program for guiding the introduction of Development Education Program (DEP) in school curricula in 2 secondary schools in the province of Cagliari.
  • Learning laboratories on inter-culture and on multiculturalism in 30 primary and secondary schools in the two provinces.
  • Production of a learning kit for teachers for the inclusion of DEP in school curricula.
  • Creation of a pedagogical site to favour the exchange of experiences.
  • Realization of a conclusive residential regional seminar in evaluation and capitalization for primary and secondary school teachers in the Sardinian region.



Direct beneficiaries:

  • 60 teachers in the provinces involved
  • 750 primary and secondary school students
  • 10 actors of the ECM of the territory (representatives of associations, local bodies, educational institutes)

Indirect beneficiaries:

  • Students of the primary and secondary schools in the provinces involved
  • Teachers of the primary and secondary schools in the provinces involved
  • Associations on the territory
  • Citizenship



ACRA and CISV have obtained the approval for a three year project by the European Commission known as "Parlez-vous global? Educare allo sviluppo tra migrazione e cittadinanza mondiale". The project allocates a quota of the co-funding to the activities of this intervention and sees a dense network of partners working in collaboration, amongst which: NGOs, French, Austrian Romanian schools (in Europe), but also schools in Senegal, Burkina Faso and Benin (in Africa).
In the school years following the conclusion of this project, and by December 15, 2015, the European funds will enable the Sardinian schools involved, to network with the other Italian, European and African schools involved and to carry out activities of Development Education, without costs for the Sardinia Region nor for the same schools.



Total value:
107.370 €


Principal funder:
Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Italy

CISV Sardegna