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Africa Water Week: "eau potable, santé durable"

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Less than a week is missing to the Africa Water Week and already more than 1000 participants of governmental and non-governmental organization arrived to the Senegalese capital to get prepared to five days of intense debates on water, hygene and sanitation.

The event, now at its fifth edition, comes at a crucial moment. Indeed, it is high time to make an assessment on Millennium Development Goals and develop a new agenda post 2015 in which the WASH unit will play a leading role, as shown in the results of the United Nations report “MyWorld” to raise the priorities of humanity (cfr.

The motto of these 5 days for ACRA will be “Drinking water, sustainable healthcare” whose French translation ”eau potable, santé durable” with a nice alliteration is easy to keep in mind. ACRA will take part in the conference talking about the successes and the challenges that its équipe in Zinguinchor (South of Senegal) is working on during these years. With more than 170 km of water main and thousands of sanitary installations the Milanese Foundation is the leading actor in the field of development cooperation in Casamance, a region which is excluded from the socio-economic progress of Senegal because of its geographical position and of the low-intensity conflict that began in the ‘80s.

During Africa Water Week there will be plenaries and thematic workshops on the major challenges of the sector; this will be the moment in which NGO, civil society organization, governments and international organization will have the possibility to discuss about the centrality of water resources management in development interventions. Here ACRA wants to underline how the management of resources , that is too often underestimated in infrastructure measures promoted by non-governmental organizations, needs more attention to ensure long-term sustainability of the interventions.

This path is not the easiest, but we must tread it. To do so it is essential that the direction we decide to take is a concerted one.

Simone Buosi - ACRA Senegal

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