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Wimdu and ACRA: Pro Poor Tourism in Zanzibar

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Zanzibar: a gorgeous paradise on earth whose economy is highly dependent on international tourism, with hundreds of thousands of people visiting the country every year. A big business that leaves the local communities with very little benefits: only one out of ten dollars spent in Zanzibar goes to improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged local populations.

In order to address this issue, ACRA started the project "Pro Poor Tourism", aimed at making use of tourism as a driving force for the development of the local population. The idea is to give support to small local businesses by trying to link them to the tourism industry.

Some of the dynamics of the project are now almost sustainable, and help is needed only with respect to some specific activities. In this challenge, ACRA is supported by Wimdu (, one of the leading online platforms for private holiday accommodation with the slogan "travel like a local".

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This concept of tourism based on cheaper, more personalized accommodation options, where travelers enjoy a more authentic holiday experience by being in touch with the local community is really fitting for the values of the project..


WIMDU’s contribution will help provide training for the members of Asilia, the fist craft cooperative in Zanzibar. Founded in 2010, Asilia now brings together 353 people, mostly women, who have decided to join efforts and establish an economic enterprise aimed at producing quality handicrafts for the local market as well as for tourists.





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