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ACRA at the 2014 World Water Week

00744 coverThe World Water Week opened the 31st of August with the acknowledgement by the World Bank that access to water is a common good and sanitation is a universal and inalienable right. This one week global event on water takes place in Stockholm and is organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute.

The World Water Week is the meeting place for the most urgent and pressing issues about water resources and is an international, open and dynamic platform in which the main actors of the water sector meet. 2500 among experts, institution, managers and organizations from all over the world met from 31st to the 5th of September to share ideas, tools and experices and to find joint solutions to world’s water challenges for the next 5 years.

In 2015, 700 million people (one in 10) will not have access to drinking water and 2.5 billion people (one in 3) will not have access to an adequate toilet. Two-thirds of these people live in 10 countries around the world and are concentrated in rural areas. On these inqualities the international community focuses its next goal. The next goal to achieve in the sector won’t be the reduction in the number of people that do not have access to drinking water but it will be Water & Sanitation for ALL.

How? Adopting strategies that are specific for each social context. Water and Energy were the thematic scope of the World Water Week 2014 agenda; the two sectors are internationally recognized as interdependent. As regards to water and energy, the challenge is to provide a suitable energy that could increase the growth, the fight against poverty without draining out the water resources. Among the various issues that have been the focus of analysis and discussion, an important one was about a new integrated approach between water, energy and food: the Nexus. The Nexus is a different solution compared to the more sectoral approach that has been pursued so far, it provides the integrated management of natural resources and its strength lies in the fact that water, energy and food are conceived as interconnected.

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Mario Milanesi, WASH programme manager of ACRA, explains how important is for the Foundation paticipate in the World Water Week: “a four people delegation of ACRA to the WWW is a big investmenst for us; the four people who went to Stockholm represent our approach to this issue, a demonstration of the commitment and responsibility that characterize our position for years. We brought human resources that are currently working in Africa, in Latin America and in place. The President Nicola Morganti was with us, moreover there were operators, project managers and programme managers. Our presence at WWW allowed us to capitalize capacities and experieces at each level and it was an interesting moment not only for the technicians that needs practical tips to work on field. For us, to be at the World Water Week in Stockholm it has been an incredible opportunity to learn and understand what are the main trends of the part of the water sector that is difficult to reach in for an ONG; these are, for instance, governments, industries, potential donors with whom we can develop partnershio to use in the countries in which we operate”.

To work on water and sanitation to us means working to ensure the fundamental human rights to health, education, economic development and to inclusion; ACRA believe that water is a fundamental theme and decided to invest in it for the future.

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