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mygran tour


ico educazione internaitamyg MygranTour: an European network of migrant driven intercultural routes to understand cultural diversity



Italy (Tourin, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Rome), France (Marseille, Paris), Spain (Valencia), Portugal (Lisboa)


From 1st December 2013 to 30th May 2015



This initiative is part of the new European Agenda for the Integration of third-countrycitizens; this emphasizes the importance of understanding and mutual respect of different cultures in order to build a lasting social cohesion of migrants in host societies.  
The project also takes into account the dissemination in Europe of the "Migrant Guides".
The idea of "Migrant Guides" has already been experimented with success in Turin encouraging the active participation of migrants in their areas of residence and improving so the interaction and relationships among all residents. The creation of the European network "Mygrant Cities" has as central idea to offer to the inhabitants of some major European cities of the "guided tours of responsible tourism city" that contribute to intercultural dialogue. The migrants themselves will be the guides of these city walks accompanying tourists to explore the city from a different perspective, including historical sites and neighborhoods that have renewed their identity thanks to the interconnection with different cultures, languages, products, foods and expressions art.




Promote the engagement of the receiving communities in interacting with the migrants, based on the mutual respect of their rights, obligations and different cultures.



  • Participative research on “Intercultural Urban Routes” that could allow the comprehension of the contribution of migration to receiving societies and the value of cultural diversity.
  • The identification of “migrant guides” and of the trainer that will lead the training programme.
  • A training programme on on "Intercultural Urban Routes" to be implemented in each involved city.
  • Creation o fan european network of "Intercultural Urban Routes” on immigration (MygranTour).
  • Promotion of the communication campaign;
  • Creation of contents and of the website " Intercultural Urban Routes "
  • Definition of training and informative modules on urban and cultural diversity;
  • Launch of  the"Intercultural urban routes" in Florence, Genoa, Lisbon, Marseille, Milan, Paris, Rome and Valencia.
  • Systematization of the research.
  • Training course on pedagogical and comunication models developed.
  • Data collection, publication and dissemination of best practices and research results.
  • Final conference in Bruxelles.



Direct beneficiaries:

  • 180 nationals of third countries citizens trained as “migrant guides”.
  • 100 students  of primary and secondary schools for the cities (900 in totale) will participate to the migrant driven “Intercultural Urban Routes”  and to the didactic modules on cultural diversity and migrations.
  • 300 European citizens per city (2.700 total) will participate to the migrant driven “Intercultural Urban Routes”.
  • 50 country nationals per city (450 total) will participate to the specific routes designed to introduce local public services targeted to migrants and discover local cultures..
  • 5 organization of the civil society dealing with integration of third country nationals and migrants associations (45 total) will be involved in the participative research and in the development of “Intercultural Urban Routes”
  • 3 representative of local authority and territory per city (27 total) will be involved in the participative research and in the development of “Intercultural Urban Routes”, and will participate in the final conference to exchange experiences and best practices..
  • Approximately 250.000 European citizens from Italy, Spain, France, Portugal (1.000.000 total) will be reached through internet and mass media in each country involved for the communication campaign.





Total value:
515.835 €


Principal funder:

ue European Commission


Viaggi Solidali - Società Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS;
Oxfam Italia;
Marco Polo Echanger Autrement (MPEA);
Associació Solidaritat Perifèries del Món (Perifèries);
Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr;
Associação Renovar a Mouraria;
EARTH - European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality


Other partner:

City of Tourin



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