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eathink 2015 - Eat local, think global


icona cibo eureka 1Global Learning for Change in EYD2015 and Beyond: European Youth Engagement from School Gardens to Sustainable Food Systems.




Europa, Austria, Cyprus, Croatia, France, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain.
Africa, Burkina Faso, Senegal.



From January 1st 2015 to 31st 2017 December



As we know, globalization fosters dynamics that bind our choices and actions to the lives of millions of people worldwide. The era of digital proximity and information do not avoid contradictions and disproportions: poverty, climate changes, migrations are aspects of an increasingly global society.Today, with over 800 million people suffering from hunger, in the richest countries food is wasted much more than ever happened before. Actual food system has many negative impacts on environment and health, with political and financial interests often threatening farmers and consumers’ rights.In fact, rapid and contradictory changes live side by side, and it is hard to interpret events and take action to change. The role of education becomes increasingly central in allowing young people to develop their own critical tools. Teachers, social workers, educators and local administrators are all called to respond.

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  • Contribute to increasing European youth awareness of, and engagement in, post-2015 public debate on the contribution of European Union development cooperation policies to global sustainable development.
  • Enhanced European students and teachers critical understanding and active engagement on global development challenges, focusing on sustainable food systems and smallholder farming.
  • More generally, the project aims to strengthen the skills and knowledge of teachers in primary and secondary schools as part of Global Citizenship Education.



  • A website on global education issues, with information, tools and best practices is published for students, teachers and other stakeholders ( and a geo-referencing tool to be used for sending information and referral on agriculture and food (eg. farmers markets, local exchange community, farms, shops, fairs, etc.).
  • An international photographic contest is organized within the schools involved in the project for the best photo-reportage on food. The best photo-reportages produced in different countries, are selected for the Food Cloud Exhibition.
  • An exhibition on food (Food Cloud Exhibition) is produced and performed during EXPO 2015, open all day during the months of May, June, September and October 2015 for young people, students, classrooms and all citizens.
  • During the Expo 2015 a MultiMedia Center is set up and an editorial staff of young people will document the Expo 2015 event on social media.
  • Primary and secondary schools teachers of all countries involved are supported through an educational tutoring to design learning modules (lesson plans) for their classes on Global Learning, in particular on food production and consumption, alternative food systems, right to food. Almost 130 free global learning modules are published on the web site of the project for teachers and global education trainers.
  • A multimedia APP is designed, implemented and available with a fairy tale for children on the origin and seasonality of food and recipes, a multiple-choice game on ecological footprint.
  • A kit for teachers, global education trainers and volunteers engaged in educational activities on global learning and sustainable agriculture.
  • An international competition is organized within the schools involved in the project. The video-clips developed for the competition will be evaluated in 2 steps: national and international level. The winning video in each country is produced at professional level and screened on off and on line media to sensitize citizens for the basic message of the project, especially on changing their alimentary consuming habits.
  • Trained students on food systems' interdependence will mobilize to realize initiatives (events, campaigns, school gardens, visits on smallholder farmers, etc) at community level to sensitize citizens, other students, parents, community members with the aim to promote behavioral changes in their food lifestyles.
  • Primary and secondary students are introduced to global citizenship and alternative food systems with interactive and participative workshops.
  • National seminars and workshops are organized to present and disseminate the main outcomes of the action.
  • International exchange visits and workshops for teacher’s and student’s delegations are organized in Italy, Austria, Senegal, Burkina Faso.
  • ITT Varalli of Milan, a secondary school in tourism (, will develop a guided route on sustainable agriculture for teenagers and European classes in Milan during Expo2015.
  • As a Global Citizenship Education Ambassador, Fondazione CARIPLO connects the project and its network to key institutional stakeholders at EU level (Foundations, Local Authorities, CSOs) having a potential in supporting the initiative at all levels.



The target groups of the action:

  • 4.200 Primary and secondary school teachers
  • 42.000 Students
  • 140 Migrants/young volunteers
  • 240 Local Authorities, Civil Society Organizations, Foundations

Further beneficiaries:

  • 180.000 young people
  • 1.300 school supervisors
  • 20.000.000 European citizens
  • 200 farmers



Total value:
3.597.010,44 €


Principal funder:

ueEuropean Commission


  • ACRA (IT) - project leader
  • CISV (IT)
  • Südwind (AT)
  • Związek Stowarzyszeń Polska Zielona Sieć - Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network PGN (PL)
  • Asociación de Entidades Locales Vascas Cooperantes – Euskal Fondoa (ES)
  • Asistenta si programe pentru dezvoltare durabila – Agenda 21 (RO)
  • Kopin (MT)
  • Cardet (CY)
  • Association Žmergo (HR)
  • Anthropolis Antropológiai Közhasznú Egyesület (HU)
  • Inštitut za trajnostni razvoj - Institute for sustainable development (SI)
  • Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie lombarde - CARIPLO (IT)
  • Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (PT)
  • Reseau international Urgenci (FR)



Beyond the project

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