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16/18 ottobre: EAThink 2015 International Workshop in Milan

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16/18 Ottobre 2015
Cascina Triulza, EXPO Milano 2015, Italia

Centinaia di insegnanti europei saranno a Milano per il primo forum internazionale del progetto EAThink2015.

Nei tre giorni di forum avranno l'occasione di visitare EXPO2015, la mostra Food cloud e di partecipare alle attività del media center EAThink2015, di scambiare idee e metodi di educazione alla cittadinanza mondiale e alla sovranità alimentare e infine di visitare la città di Milano accompagnati da giovani studenti italiani.

Vai alla scheda del progetto Eathink2015 >>>

[Teacher's delegations from the 14 countries involved in the project will work together to define priorities in addressing global food issues at school.

Teachers will discuss common food related topics and educational methodologies: with the support of DEAR experts and project staff, the workshop will contribute to define common values and principles in order to develop a shared approach and a joint agenda for Global Education.

Starting with the World Food Day celebrations on October 16th in Expo Milan 2015 and through the participation in many parallel events organized by Fondazione ACRA, the meeting will give the teachers an opportunity to share in an informal way both challenges and best practices for Global Education throughout Europe and West Africa.

Read more about the project EAThnk2015 >>>]

International Exchange Workshop for Teachers

Milan, 16th – 18th October, 2015


Friday, October 16th 2015 – World Food Day

Venue: Expo Milan 2015


World Food Day: participation to celebrations and events in Expo Milan 2015


EAThink Educational Paths in Expo Milan 2015
Including a visit to the EAThink “Food Cloud Exhibition”
with the participation of the “EAThink Media Center” staff of web journalists

Saturday, October 17th 2015
Venue: Expo Milan 2015
Cascina Triulza / Civil Society Pavilion – Workshop Room 100

International exchange workshop

The workshop will be held in English with French interpretation during the plenary sessions.

10.00 Registration of participants
10.30 Welcome remarks
10.45 Presentation of the project activities and next steps

11.00 Presentations by each teacher delegation: Sustainable Food Systems and Global Education: priorities for teachers in addressing global food issues at school (topics and main challenges) + examples of Global Learning Units

12.30 Lunch break

14.00 “Linking Local to Global”
Defining DEAR values and principles to develop a common approach Lecture by Massimiliano Lepratti – DEAR expert + Q&A

15.00 Group work: common food related topics

16.00 Break

16.30 Group work: methodologies
(groups split by language and school level, mixed countries)

17.30 Sharing of the group work results 17.45 Closing remarks

Sunday, 18th October 2015

Walks of discovery of the cultural and agricultural landscape of Milan, guided by the students of the touristic institute “Varalli” of Milan.

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