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cereal banks

a market-based effective model for development and food security for rural population in Chad

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A regional hub made up by  about 356 cereals banks and run as a social enterprise was supported by ACRA since 2011.

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Cereal Banks enable to improve the storage and trade of agricultural products among the poor villages in the region of Guéra, Chad, reducing the vulnerability of local population and its dependence on middle men and shark loan.

Every year, towards the end of the dry season (June/July), when there is a shortage of cereals and their price is no longer accessible to families at the local markets, the Cereal Bank funds the launch of the new agricultural campaign through a loan "in kind". With the received "loan", farmers can feed their families while cultivating their land. This system has proven to be very effective in tackling lack of food security and the absence of storage facilities in Chad.

In 2014 Acra withdrew from the enterprise and currently the Social Enterprise is managed by a local committee.


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