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Foundations for Africa in Burkina Faso


ico cibo internaburmic Partnership for a Sustainable Rural Development in Burkina Faso



Burkina Faso: East Region, Province of Tapoa



From January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016





In Burkina Faso, rural areas are extremely vulnerable due to the scarce availability and access to food. Cyclical variation of food production, lack of access to basic services, volatile prices of agricultural products as well as environmental degradation are the root causes of structural fragility of local households. As a reaction to food insecurity, the local population is acting according to “negative adaptation” strategies: selling stocks of grains and seeds, migrating, reducing quantity and quality of food, or selling family goods.

The project is funded by Foundations for Africa and promoted by ACRI (Association of Foundations and Savings Banks). This intervention aims to achieve financial inclusion and education of local population and the burkinabè diaspora, on one side, by strengthening microfinance bodies and, on the other, increasing the supply of credit and investment instruments in support of productive and economic activities. The project is managed by a large network of partners. In particular, ACRA will focus on the value chain of honey, the production chain of non-wood forest products (shea néré, baobab), the development of a warrantage system for cereals (or "credit guarantee") as well as on micro-leasing for farmers.



Primary objective: Fulfilment of the right to food, by improving living conditions of local rural population and supporting the national strategy to tackle poverty.

Specific objectives:

  • Developing an integrated approach to foster socio-economic sustainability of 5 agricultural and 2 forestry value chains; strengthening capacities of farmers and theirs association in 7 regions of Burkina Faso (Haut Bassin, South-West, Centre, Centre-East , South-west, Plateau Central and East).
  • Enhancing the role of the burkinabè diaspora based in Italy, through transnational development interventions.
  • Strengthening programs carried out by networks of decentralized cooperation both in Italy and Burkina Faso.



Agricultural Support

  • Support to farmers for the selection, growth of seeds and access to agricultural and forest resources
  • Training on advanced agricultural and forest techniques (production, storage, collection)
  • Construction of warehouses and processing units of agricultural products.
  • Management of irrigation systems and land remediation.

Financial Inclusion

  • Implementation of a warrantage system (credit guarantee) and tests of innovative warrantage tools.
  • Endowment of rotation funds to develop start-ups (micro-enterprises for production and processing).
  • Micro-leasing for purchasing agricultural vehicles.
  • Creation of an insurance system for farmers.
  • Establishment of guarantee funds for a rice cooperative led by women.
  • Trainings and courses on financial literacy.

Entrepreneurial Support

  • Training on planning, administration and accounting of farmers' organizations.
  • Training on marketing, planning and management of agricultural enterprises.
  • Support for the distribution and commercialization of local products.

Food Security

  • Study on the potential outcomes arising from transformation of local rice.
  • Campaigns on nutrition and food security both at the local and national levels.
  • Participation in campaigns for the promotion of local products and their mapping.
  • Promotion of burkinabè products at the international event Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre.


  • Institutional strengthening of associations  active on co-development initiatives.
  • Design and implementation of technical training for  diaspora cultural associations.
  • Joint design and implementation of community building projects by NGOs and diaspora associations.
  • Support to migrant organizations for the  inclusion of diaspora national and/or European  networks.
  • Promotion of Exchanges  North-South-South (Italy-Senegal-Burkina Faso).
  • Channelling diaspora remittances into productive investments towards the migrants’ areas of origin.



The target group of the project is composed of burkinabè farmers and processors and their households.

In particular, the activities coordinated by ACRA will impact the following categories:

  • Union for the Development of Agricultural Activities and Rural Crafts of Tapoa: 3 communities to manage the warrantage system, 240 producers and 200 groups of farmers who will benefit from microleasing and institution-building activities.
  • Provincial Union of Beekeepers of the Province of Tapoa: members in 6 municipalities of the province (Diapaga, Partiaga, Kantchari, Tansarga, Logobou, Botou), for a total of 776 producers.
  • 60 beekeepers and their families (240 people).
  • Producers of Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFPs): 30 people for Néré and 5 groups of for the transformation of baobab, including 110 members, 90% of which are women.
  • 400 participants at the dedicated training on NWFPs.
  • 500 participants at financial education trainings.
  • 10 members of Yelemani Association, engaged in the aggregator.

Among the beneficiaries, there are migrants from Burkina Faso in Italy and 300 Italian actors involved in  cooperation initiatives between Burkina Faso and Italy.



  • Financial sustainability: market competitiveness of small producers will be favoured by the increased access to means of production and credit. The project will lead to an improved value chain of agricultural products, increased product quality, strengthened organizational structures and a reduced risk of environmental shocks. A reduction of the costs and a value added increase will progressively stimulate agricultural revenues.
  • Institutional Sustainability: dedicated technical services will be channelled into the planned activities, to create good practices consistently with regional policies. The project foresees the implementation and innovation of existing guidelines and legislative plans. By engaging local authorities, research centres and technical experts in the decision-making process, policies oriented to the establishment of small family-based enterprises will be encouraged.
  • PoliticalSustainability: The institutional strengthening of producers organizations, throughout the entire supply chain, will enhance their ability to interact and dialogue with public institutions and relevant stakeholders. This determine the promotion of sectorial policies and local production.



Total value:
251.729 €  (second-year budget of ACRA, as partner of the consortium)

Main donor
4Africa burk


Mani Tese
Slow Food


Local partners

  • COPSAC (Coopérative de Prestation de Services Agricoles Coobsa)
  • UNPR-B (Unions des Producteurs Rizicoles du Burkina Faso)
  • UGERM-W (Unione di donne étuveuses di riso di Mogtedo)
  • Rice Cooperative Mogtedo
  • ADIS (Association pour le développement intégré du Sahel)
  • ASK (Association Song Koaadba)
  • UDAAMR-T  (Union pour le Développement des Activités Agropastorales et de Métiers Ruraux de la Tapoa)
  • INERA (Institut de l’Environnement et de Recherches Agricoles du Burkina Faso)
  • Unione Provinciale di Apicoltori della Tapoa






Beyond the project

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