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Un toit, un robinet

Supporting the rural water supply national reform in the Casamance Region: 1 roof, 1 tap; toward a better management of the water service, better water quality and long-term health impact.

This program started in 2006 in the Ziguinchor Region, and is currently scaling-up in the South Region by supporting the national agency OFOR toward the densification of multi-villages water schemes, by facilitating the participation of private operators in the water management and promoting and installing household metered distribution points.

Additionally, the program aims to strengthen the participation of local communities in the democratic and transparent governance of the water service and to improve the water quality by designing and monitoring Water Safety Plans (WHO).


focus area

target population


south area Ziguinchor, Sédhiou and Kolda Regions – Casamance Naturelle (Senegal)

target population
180 multi-village water supply systems
246.000 people

total investment so far
(milion €) 7,9 €


local membership

  • Member of the national platform of Rural Water and Sanitation Stakeholders
  • Member of the sharing platform OFOR-NGOs

Main program Partnerships

 pepam cherbourg  thengory  universit assane seck

Ministère de l'Hydraulique

et de l'Assainissement



main financial partners

mae logo.png

ue old




main achievements

achievements.01 achievements 02 achievements 03

twice awarded as good practice at national level.
2007, PEPAM, Dakar
2010, EU ACP/UE Water Facility, brussels

design of a comprehensive tool to set-up and monitor the tariff structure for multi-village, interconnected, pressurized water schemes

design and piloting of the Water Safety Plan national strategy in rural areas,
preparation of the methodology and handbook

achievements 04
achievements 05
achievements 05

Equipment and launch of a water quality analysis laboratory, in the University compound

development of innovative technologies and tools to design

implement and manage the densification of

rural water schemes by shifting from public to households connections

Tools and skills developed

  • Android-based app

    to design and prepare Water Safety Plans; methodology, handbook and training package

  • Rural water supply Hybrid management models,

    piloting the shift from community-based to private operators in the asset management; external support tools and training package.

  • practical tool

    Water supply Sustainability analysis, and cost recovery strategy set-up.

  • Comprehensive methodology and GIS tablet-base tools package

    to densify rural water schemes (community participation, TA to design and works monitoring, asset management and training of water operators).
  • Behavioral Change Communication: participatory design and Planning tools with innovative approaches.
  • Democratic governance of rural water supply ; transparency tools and local communities training package.
  • Design and implementation of multi-village water schemes interconnections, to secure the water supply in rural and isolated areas. 

Framework programme

Activities on-going since 2006;

departmental-level program designed in 2008 and almost completed;

currently scaling-up to the South Region area.

Ambitions 2015/2020

  • To become the best service provider of the region in rural multi-village water supply schemes extension and densification (from public to household DPs, hardware and software).
  • Scaling-up the rural water safety planning at national level.
  • Piloting the rural water supply reform in partnership with OFOR in the South Region (Casamance Naturelle; 1,2 Ml hab.)