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Food security, food sovereignty and biodiversity


Why food?

Having access to “nourishing, safe and sufficient food to satisfy the basic nutritional needs” is a human right. Every Nation therefore is obliged to make it accessible, available and guaranteed to its citizens.

However, hunger and malnutrition are still today amongst the most serious emergencies that afflict the Planet. Ensuring the right to food for the future generations means ensuring equitable access to the resources needed to produce food (water, land, seeds), a condition that is made increasingly uncertain by climate change, the degradation of natural systems, the sudden change in the food model and weak sectoral policies.



>>> Fair Cocoa - Ecuador

>>> Foundations for Africa - Burkina Faso

>>> Women and Rural Development - Burkina Faso

>>> Makers4Dev - Burkina Faso

>>> Cereal Banks - Chad

>>> Hungry for rights - Italy/Europe/Senegal

>>> Food Relations - Italy/Europe

>>> Eathink 2015 - Eat local, think global -  Italy


Completed Projects

>>> Campesinos unidos - Bolivia

>>> Fondazioni4Africa - Senegal



Project focus

ACRA initiatives are intended to help ensuring food production, access and stability for the most vulnerable populations (farmers and pastoral households) in rural areas, by supporting resilience mechanisms and promoting social protection networks. Our endeavours are articulated in actions that include initiatives for the safeguard and valorisation of environmental and productive resources and agro-biodiversity, support of agro-ecological production, capacity building in production management, construction of storage facilities and development of virtuous commercial supply chains, in the perspective of an improved quality of the products, strengthening of markets and development of rural entrepreneurship. This is also combined with a specific attention to technological innovation, in respect of the value of local knowledge rooted in the traditions of every culture.


How we work

cibo02We work towards making food access a right and not a privilege, in the perspective of food sovereignty intended as the capacity to direct ones actions to guarantee food access, in a sustainable and long term vision, for the present and future generations. The challenge we are faced with is to have enough to eat but at the same time preserve the Earth’s reserves and combine the increase in agricultural production with the sustainability of the solutions proposed.

We base our actions in the different projects on the resources of the community, on informal knowledge, on biodiversity and with support to the organizations of producers and consumers, to strengthen their capacity in influencing decisional mechanisms at various territorial government levels.

We work to connect food security to social protection, especially of the most fragile and vulnerable in rural areas and we strive to guarantee, in sustainable and long lasting terms, the universal right to food in the perspective of food sovereignty.