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ACRA centre


Dar Es Salaam Office
Plot no. 1260 Block C, Meru Street
Mikocheni "B"
P.O. Box 12435
Dar Es Salaam


Iringa Office
Lugalo Area, Plot 197, Block 1B
P.O. Box 1348, Wilolesi, Iringa, Tanzania


Lugarawa Office
c/o Ngongano
P.O. BOX 807
Lugarawa, Njombe Region
tel. +255 766 736 225


Zanzibar Office
PO Box 3067, Vuga plot 525
Shangani - Stone Town
tel. +225 773 152107




Capital: Dodoma

Area: 945.080 km2
Population: 43.601.796


Tanzania is a presidential republic that enjoys a substantial political stability and whose national economy depends principally on the exploitation of its natural resources. The country presents a large geological variety that restricts the territory's surface for agricultural use to just 4% in spite of agriculture representing 60% of the GDP.

Tourism represents an important source of income in various areas of the country, particularly in the Zanzibar archipelago and in the areas adjacent to the game parks (which occupy 4.5% of the country's territory).

ACRA has been operating in Tanzania, in particular in the Njombe area and in the Zanzibar archipelago in partnership with associations, local authorities and state-controlled agencies in the development of infrastructures and capacity building of those deputed to their management. The priority interventions are within the framework of access and sustainable management of natural resources (in particular of water), improvement of access to renewable energy and development of economic opportunities for the most vulnerable and marginalized segments of the country's rural populations.


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Human Development Index
on 187 countries in the worlds*
152th position Urban population* 26%
Average age** 18,5 years
- 18,2 men
- 18,7 women
Per Capita Income (PPP)* $ 1.328
($ 3,63 a day)
Population living under the
poverty line**
36% Life expectancy at birth* 53,1 years
Under 5 mortality* 108/1000 HIV prevalence in adults** 5,6%
Children under 5 who are underweight for their age** 16,7% Unemployment rate** n.d.
Workforce occupation** 80% agricolture
20% industry e services
Literacy rate** 69,4%
- 77,5% men
- 62,2% women
Population with access to drinking water*** 53%
- 79% urban
- 44% rural
Population without access to sanitation*** 12%
- 2% urban
- 16% rural
* Source UNDP
** Source CIA
*** Source UNICEF and World Health Organization Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation 2012