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ACRA centre


Av. 9 de octubre N29-06 y Mariano Acosta
Ed. 9 de Octubre, segundo piso, Oficina 201
Quito, Ecuador
tel. + 593 2 2522843




Capital: Quito

Area: 283.560 km2
Population: 14.666.055


Ecuador is quite small compared to the other countries of the region; nevertheless it contains an incredible diversity of ecosystems and endemic species. Its populations, composed of mestizos, natives, whites and Afro-Ecuadorians, characterizes it as a multiethnic and multi-nationality country, a definition acknowledged in its own Constitution and approved through referendum in 2008 and in force from 2009.

The nation is rich in mineral resources, especially oil, the extraction of which advanced slowly over the years and without substantial benefit to the population that lives in conditions of poverty and hardship. The country has undergone an incredible transformation in recent years, passing from an economy based prevalently on trade of raw materials to a modern and diversified economy including activities of the highest technological and industrial level like the information technology industry.

ACRA began its activities in Ecuador in 1998, in support of small projects for association trade in the rural areas of the country, consolidating local financial markets, supporting production and commercialization processes and promoting a sustainable and participatory management of natural resources, in particular water, taking active part in the relative constitutional process.


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Human Development Index
on 187 countries in the worlds*
83th position Urban population* 67%
Average age** 25,7 years
- 25 men
- 26,3 omen
Per Capita Income (PPP)* $ 7.589
($ 20,79 a day)
Population living under the
poverty line**
28,6% Life expectancy at birth* 75,9 years
Under 5 mortality* 24/1000 HIV prevalence in adults** 0,4%
Children under 5 who are underweight for their age** 6,2% Unemployment rate** 4,2%
Workforce occupation** 27,6% agricolture
18,8% industry
53,6% services
Literacy rate** 91%
- 92,3% men
- 89,7% women
Population with access to drinking wate*** 94%
- 96% urban
- 89% rural
Population without access to sanitation*** 5%
- 1% urban
- 12% rural
* Source UNDP
** Source CIA
*** Source UNICEF and World Health Organization Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation 2012