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ACRA centre


Entrada Principal de Marcala
Ciudad Nueva
Marcala, La Paz
tel. + 504 27644107




Capital: Tegucigalpa

Area: 112.492 Km2
Population: 7.754.687


Honduras is a democratic constitutional Republic and the third poorest country in Latin America after Haiti and Nicaragua. More than 80% of Honduran territory is mountainous and hosts an important biodiversity of flora and fauna. The climate is subtropical in the plains and temperate in the mountainous areas. The country is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding, especially along the Atlantic coast.

The country's economy depends prevalently on agriculture (bananas, coffee, sugar and corn) and livestock.
Other important sectors are fish farming, textiles and the mining sector. The main issues in this environment are the uncontrolled expansion of urban populations and deforestation. Economic growth remains highly dependent on the US economy. The remittances represent more than a fourth of the GDP and almost three fourths of exports.

ACRA has been operating in the country since 2008, with the implementation of three Food and Nutritional Security projects in the municipalities of Yarula, Santa Elena and Marcala, that have a human development index far lower than the national average.

The strategic directions of intervention adopted by ACRA in the area are, firstly, aimed at improving the drinking water supply through the construction of infrastructures to improve quality, availability and access. Secondly they aim to strengthen the integrated management of natural resources by local actors, also through communication campaigns that stress the importance of the protection of the environment.


>>> Community Forestry


>>> Water and governance


Human Development Index
on 187 countries in the worlds*
121th position Urban population* 52%
Average age** 21 years
- 20,6 men
- 21,4 women
Per Capita Income (PPP)* $ 3.443
($ 9,4 a day)
Population living under the
poverty line**
65% Life expectancy at birth* 70,7 years
Under 5 mortality* 30/1000 HIV prevalence in adults** 0,8%
Children under 5 who are underweight for their age** 8,6% Unemployment rate** 4,8%
Workforce occupation** 39,2% agricolture
20,9% industry
39,8% services
Literacy rate** 80%
- 79,8% men
- 80,2% women
Population with access to drinking water*** 87%
- 95% urban
- 79% rural
Population without access to sanitation*** 9%
- 1% urban
- 17% rural
* Source UNDP
** Source CIA
*** Source UNICEF and World Health Organization Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation 2012