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ACRA centre


Plot 2140/2774, Airport Rd. Chipata
tel. + 260 216 223 147




Capital: Lusaka

Area: 752.614 km²

Population: 11.000.000

bandiera zambia

Zambia is located in the central-southern part of Africa and is landlocked. The territory is prevalently tableland, that gradually descends towards south-west in the Zambesi basin. The climate is tropical. Independent since 1964, from 1991 it is a multi party presidential republic.

In 2012 the country recorded an economic growth of 7.3% (World Bank data), a rate that places Zambia, which is rich in copper, amongst the economies with the most rapid growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. This growth, which has persisted in the past years, is represented in particular by the construction, transport and communications sector, without however translating this into an improvement in the quality of life of the populations.

Zambia is still challenged by poverty, widespread especially amongst the rural communities, and the very high incidence of AIDS/HIV, that has decimated whole generations of young adults, leaving tens of thousands of children orphaned of one or both parents.

ACRA has been operating in Zambia since 2003, supporting around thirty local communities in the rural area of Chipata, in the Eastern Province, along the border with Malawi. Through child sponsorship programs, we implement projects particularly targeted at children who live in conditions of extreme poverty, with the aim of supporting their access to quality education. We also support three community centres for mothers with AIDS/HIV, to prevent mother to child transmission of the virus, and for children who need special care because they are undernourished, sick or handicapped.


>>> Community School for primary education


Human Development Index
on 187 countries in the worlds*
164th position Urban population* 36%
Average age** 16,5 years
- 16,5 men
- 16,6 women
Per Capita Income (PPP)* $ 1.254
($ 3,43 a day)
Population living under the
poverty line**
64% Life expectancy at birth* 52,5 years
Under 5 mortality* 141/1000 HIV prevalence in adults** 13,5%
Children under 5 who are underweight for their age** 14,9% Unemployment rate** 14%
Workforce occupation** 85% agricolture
6% industry
9% services
Literacy rate** 80,6%
- 86,8% men
- 74,8% women
Population with access to drinking water*** 61%
- 87% urban
- 46% rural
Population without access to sanitation*** 18%
- 2% urban
- 27% rural
* Source UNDP
** Source CIA
*** Source UNICEF and World Health Organization Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation 2012