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run with acra your urgent run

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On the 19th of November 2015, on the occasion of the World Toilet Day, the second edition of the Urgent Run will take place: a running event promoted by the World Toilet Organization, under the patronage of UN Water, which involves thousands of people around the world, to support the right to adequate sanitation.

In Senegal and Mozambique, countries where ACRA is active with projects for the rights to water and sanitation, both adults and children will participate to the Urgent Run, to support this right and support the project of construction of sanitary facilities in Mozambique.

so, don't be embarassed, run with us or click and support!

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According to the UN, an adequate sanitation, good hygiene practices and in drinking water can save 1.5 million children every year. Dysentery is the second cause of death in developing countries, it is more lethal than AIDS, malaria and measles together. Read We Can't Wait: a report on sanitation and hygiene for woman and girls.
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To bring this problem to the fore, to fight against the prejudices that still create in us some embarrassment in speaking about these issues and to raise awareness in the citizens all over the world, the 19th November we will celebrate the World Toilet Day, under the patronage of the United Nations.

Why do I have to run?

Because you can have fun with your friends and, at the same time, support a good cause: you will so participate in a fundraising campaign for the construction of toilets in 3 schools of Maputo, Mozambique.

So, don’t be embarrassed, CLICK AND SUPPORT OUR URGENT RUN!

our project

urgent project

Toilets for all in Mozambique!

Our project of restoration of sanitary facilites is realized in the Muncipality District of Kamubukwane (Northen area of Maputo) consisting of 14 neighborhood where 293.998 people live..



Among the goals of the project, there is one that is particularly ambitious: the restoration of the toilets of three elementary schools in Maputo.

To achieve this goal we need you too!


What we want to do

2nd goal to reach in 2015

GOAL2urgent linea-cosavogliamofare

The pimary school of Bagamoio, attended by 2 720 students, unfortunately does not possess adequate sanitary facilities. Currently,the bathrooms are in very bad conditions, are cleaned only once per day, with buckets of water taken from a well in a secondary school nearby, and this greatly affects the health of boys and girls.

This is what we would like to do with your help:

  • complete rehabilitation of the existing bathrooms;
  • complete overhaul of the water disposal system including drain and septic tank;
  • realization of a raised tank of 2000 lt
  • rehabilitation of an underground water reservoir
  • painting the bathroom walls;
  • overhaul of the electrical system;
  • revision of the entire power supply network

The interventions in the school have a total cost of 30 000€.

Our first goal achieved:

GOAL1urgentToilets for all in the complete School of zimpeto!

The school, attended by 3 000 pupils, does not have an adequate system of sanitation and this greatly affects the health of boys and girls.

Here's what we want to do with your help:

  • complete demolition of the existing latrines;
  • complete overhaul of the disposal system and construction of the septic tank;
  • restoration of two bathroom blocks (for boys and for girls), so that there will be 6 bathroom blocks consisting of toilets, two showers and one washbasin for each block;
  • 1 bathroom block for teachers consisting of 1 toilet for men and 1 for women;
  • the creation of an external washbasin for students;
  • rehabilitation of the overhead water tank storing groundwater.

Global costs for interventions are: 20 000 euros.

our testimonial

the urgent run 2014

In Italy all the events and the runs are coordinated by ACRA. A lot of small Urgent Run will animate the streets of many cities: there will be amateur running events accessible, fun and open to everyone.

some 2014 urgent run's pictures


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