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energy program - second phase


ico ambiente internatanrel Twenty rural villages in the isolated District of Ludewa, Tanzania are connected to hydropower energy



Tanzania, Region of Njombe, Ludewa District, Lugarawa



From September 1, 2014 until August 31, 2018




ACRA and NDO (Njombe Development Office) have worked for seven years in the district of Ludewa for the implementation of a hydroelectric power program in Mawengi Ward. A mini-hydroelectric plant of 300 kW was built and provides energy to the 20,000 inhabitants of seven villages. The experience of Mawengi, the positive impact that the supply of energy has had on the welfare of the population and for local economic development, led ACRA and its partners to formulate another project in the Ludewa district. In 2010, our partner Studio Frosio ran a preliminary study on a new hydroelectric project in Lugarawa, based on the utilization of the district’s waterfall. The results of this analysis have confirmed the feasibility of the project, which will lead to the construction of a 1.7 MW hydroelectric plant on the river Madope, bringing modern renewable energy to more than 51,000 people in twenty rural villages.



  • To provide access to modern renewable energy services at affordable prices and to improve the socio-economic and environmental needs of the rural poor in twenty villages in the district of Ludewa.




  • Detailed drawing of the production and the distribution network; strengthening and expansion of the dam and the existing derivation; construction of a reservoir of 5000 m3 and a pipeline 1300 m long; construction of a new power plant with an output of 1.7 MW and modernization of the existing smaller power plant; installation of a power line MT (33 kV) 137 km long and of a BT power line 162 km long; installation of 4,400 connections;
  • Installation of a high voltage line (33 kV) 32 km long in order to connect it to the national network; agreement with Tanesco on an SPPA (Standard Power Purchase Agreement); involvement of village committees; creation of a utility and training of its staff; installation of meters that function with a prepaid card.
  • Campaigns to raise awareness on reforestation and protection of the catchment area of Madope; definition and management of a plan for the management of the basin; seminars and training courses on farming methods that limit erosion.
  • Market research; preparation of a participatory business plan for small local businesses; technical training for small and medium enterprises for the adoption of electronic production means; financial support for selected pilot projects.



Direct beneficiaries:

The beneficiaries are the 51,000 people living in the twenty villages involved in the project, and which include:

  • 43 schools, primary and secondary for a total of approximately 16,000 students;
  • 19 health clinics;
  • 1 hospital with 150 beds;
  • 232 shops and workshops;
  • 118 mills.

It will also indirectly benefit the entire population of the District of Ludewa for a total of 146,000 people.




Total value:


7,568,677 €

Main donor:
ue European Commission



Other financial institutions:

  • Njombe Development Office
  • Studio Frosio


Beyond the project

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