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Youth networks


icona educazioneformazioneYouth political empowerment and entrepreneurship to contrast migration of young people in the areas on the border between El Salvador and Honduras



El Salvador, Districts of Ahuachapán (Municipalities of Jujutla and Guaymango) and Morazán Norte (Municipality of Jocoaitique); Honduras, District of La Paz, Municipality of Marcala; Guatemala, Municipality of Totonicapán.



From October 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013.



This intervention aims to provide continuity to two previous projects, one financed by the European Union and the other funded by the Avina Foundation which aimed to create a dialogue between the youths and the municipal authorities for the research of solution to problems related to youths and in particular with regard to migration.
The most frequent reasons that drive young people to migrate to other countries are: unemployment and the lack of job opportunities, the difficulties in accessing education, social insecurity and above all the will to improve one's financial situation.
This monitoring project derives from the need to structure a training program for various youth groups, which will enable the replication of the model developed by the Torogoz Youth Network in El Salvadod (Red Yuvenil de Guaymango e Jujutla "Torogoz" – Buscando Nuevos Horizontes) created on the wake of two previous projects and working in the organization of professional training and artistic-cultural workshops and in supporting the creation of micro businesses and incentivize participation by youths to the social and political life of their communities.



Main objective:

  • Contribute to the cohesion and development of social capital in youth related sectors in the areas on the border between El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, strengthening community and political participation.

From a specific point of view:

  • Establish and implement a training plan aimed at a political empowerment of the youth leaders in the three municipalities involved.
  • Implement actions of political influence for local governments and promote the Guaymango and Jujutla experience in the three selected municipalities.



  • Training of the representatives of four youth organizations (around 70 boys and girls) on the themes of migration and of participatory citizenship in the areas on the borders of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.
  • Exchange of experiences at regional level of the representatives of the 4 associations on the subjects of migration and public policies with particular focus on gender equality and youths.
  • Creation of a regional project proposal focused on youths.
  • Activation in each country of at least four inter-institutional coordination centres that involve the participation of local actors and benefit adolescents and youths.
  • Writing and publication of a document on the capitalization of the experience of the Torogoz Youth Network of Guaymango and Jujutla.
  • Organization of a Forum for resenting the experiences of the Torogoz network, coordinated at inter-institutional level in the municipalities of Guaymango and Jujutla, with the participation of youths and of the citizens.



El Salvador:

  • Around 350 youths of the Torogoz Youth Network of Guymango and Jujutla (Ahuachapan).
  • Around 200 youths belonging to the youth organization of Jocoaitique of Norte de Morazán.


  • 100 youths belonging to the Youth Organization of Marcala.


  • 50 youths members of the Totonicapán youth Association "RAX-ULEW"

Total direct beneficiaries: 700 youths organized in 3 municipal networks.
Indirect beneficiaries: 1,400 youths (boys and girls aged between 15 and 30) living in the 3 municipalities involved in the project.




The project's strategy , aimed at promoting youth participation and empowerment, is in itself a guarantee of the path towards sustainability of the results achieved.
From a financial point of view the work of coordination with the authorities will enable too integrate specific activities dedicated to youths in the municipal budgets.
From a municipal point of view it should be stressed that youths organized in their respective networks have the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and political-social impact to extend said networks and connect with others existing in the region.
Under the social-cultural point of view, the project safeguards the key role of young people in decision making processes of their communities of appurtenance, so that they may become a point of reference in the development of their municipalities.



Total value:
20.897 €


Principal funder:


avina Fundación Avina


Red Juvenil Torogoz (RJT)