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Four municipalities join against waste


icona ambientecomune sedhiouSolid waste management in a process of intermunicipal strengthening



Region of Sédhiou, Municipalities of Bounkiling, Samine Escale, Tanaff and Marsassoum.



From August 2012 to July 2014



Waste management is a challenge that concerns the entire planet, from South to North, which is often associated to a serious health risk for the population. In Senegal, the decentralization process has led to the single municipalities assuming responsibility for the disposal of urban waste. With a lack of technical and financial means, in the smaller municipalities or in the peripheral areas of the larger cities, neighbourhood initiatives are often generated for waste collection services. In spite of their efforts, these community structures fail to guarantee a continued and stable service and often clash against problems of economic and organizational nature.

Four new municipalities of the Region of Sédhiou (three of these have recently been upgraded from Rural Community to Municipality) have deemed it necessary to join forces and avail themselves of the tools and competences to solve the issue of the area's wholesomeness, effectively dispose of the waste produced by the inhabitants. This intermunicipal initiative also benefits from the twinning with the Municipality of Oristano in Italy which has offered to collaborate with the four Senegalese municipalities in the perspective of a North – South partnership, for knowledge exchange and decentralized cooperation.



  • Strengthen the competences of 4 Municipalities, of the members of the municipal Commissions for Public Hygiene and , more generally, of the entire population in their respective roles and responsibilities in the management of waste.
  • Organize, in collaboration with the population, an efficient and sustainable solid waste collection service such that can represent an instrument to fight the pollution of the area.



  • Organization of a coordination framework for the 4 Senegalese municipalities represented by their respective mayors.
  • Organization of intermunicipal exchange visits (between Senegalese municipalities) and with the Municipality of Oristano to share different experiences on the issue of solid urban waste management and development of a process of good governance and transparent management of public affairs.
  • Training on legislation and regulations of the Local Communities (formed by representatives elected by the communities).
  • Training and sensitization on civic education, principles of local democracy, rules of good governance, participatory citizenship, health, hygene through the organization of events in the neighbourhoods, radio campaigns, theatre and mural painting competitions and the launch of the "competition for the cleanest neighbourhood" of the year.
  • Training in techniques for waste collection, and techniques for recycling, separate collection and composting of waste.
  • Valorisation of the solid waste management model adopted by the Municipality of Oristano in Italy for the purpose of drawing up a manual of good practices to apply to the Senegalese municipalities participating in the project.
  • Definition and approval of a common strategy for the collection and treatment of solid urban waste.
  • Purchase of equipment and assignment of regulated municipal dumping grounds for the collection of waste.
  • Study on recycling of waste and its applications.
  • Launch of a process for the definition of a municipal tax on waste inspired on the models seen in Italy during the exchange visits, thus enhancing North-South partnership.




  • The councillors of the 4 Municipalities attending the training activities on legislation and regulation for the Local Communities:

- Municipality of Bounkiling : 40 councillors of which 13 women and 27 men.

- Municipality of Marsassoum : 40 councillors of which 8 women and 32 men.

- Municipality of Samine : 40 councillors of which 8 women and 32 men.

- Municipality of Tanaff : 40 councillors of which 10 women and 30 men.

  • This training program is open also to some community representatives.
  • 160 people trained in waste collection techniques: 16 men (waste collectors), groups of women, GIE (Groups d'Intérêt Economique) and other grassroots, prevalently female groups.
  • 30 Public Hygiene Commissions equipped with carts, donkeys and various material for waste collection for a total of 180 people, of which 60 women.



The intermunicipal connotation of this intervention is in itself index of a profound innovation and is included in the formal and long term framework of active collaboration amongst different subject (communities, local institutions, the Intermunicipal Alliance which pools the mayors of the 4 municipalities, the Regional Agency for Development of Sédhiou) that positively affects the institutional sustainability of the action.
From a financial point of view the project provides for a gradual development of the tariff system that can guarantee the municipal waste collection service on the long term. Other initiatives are planned beyond the duration of the project for the technical guidance of the municipalities by the partners (ACRA and municipality of Oristano), as well as the allocation of further funds by Region Sardegna for the purpose of continuing to support decentralized international cooperation.
The most evident impact deriving from the project concerns the environmental aspect: with the waste collection system running, the sources of pollution of air, soil and water will be greatly reduced. This will contribute to improve on the short and long term the health conditions of the population. Furthermore, through the separate waste collection, new activities can be launched for an economic valorisation of particular waste, such as plastic, iron, glass, aluminium which will have a positive impact both at environmental and economic level.



Total value:
166.983 €


Principal funder:

ue itaeif European Commission


Municipalities of Bounkiling, Samine Escale, Tanaff and Marsassoum in Senegal (Project leaders)
Municipality of Oristano, Sardinia, Italy