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Hungry for Rights International Meeting

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24th/25th october 2015
Urban Center, Via Filippo Turati 6 - Monza, Italy

Jointly organized by Fondazione Acra, Manitese, Fondazione Legambiente, Scottish Crofter Federation, Friends of the Earth Cyprus, Baltic Environmental forum and Urgenci, the international forum "Food up!From grassroot alternative food systems to new forms of food governance"will be held in Monza from 23rd to 25th October 2015.

The forum is organized with the support of European Union and the City of Monza within the project "Hungry for Rights: Global Learning from Local Solutions in Alternative Food System".

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Alternative food systems (AFS)are laboratories for experimenting new solutions to problems emerging in society which put on trial concrete alternatives to the conventional ways of producing,selling and consuming and challenge dominant values and behaviour norms. Defined as a form of social innovation which is developed between producers and consumers, they include direct marketing, Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSA), farmers' markets, community self-organized schemes, transition networks. Several analysis have provided evidences that AFSs generate environmental benefits, through the reduction of production and distribution impacts; economic benefits, in terms of wealth and jobs created for the local community; social benefits in terms of social relationships construction.. These dynamics of change have a common denominator in the "mobilization of processes of social learning, needed to develop new attitudes and capacities for tackling food matters, at both a practical and cultural–political level"( Renting et al., 2014) Within the global agenda on Food Security, these models constitute reliable alternatives to constrains arisen from the trade globalization.

Starting from this topic, relevant both in developing countries and in the North, the project pursued in Italy,France,Scotland,Cyprus and Lithuania the activation of mutual learning education processes that have considered in each stage South and North perspectives. The project is implementing a set of activities aimed at structuring a multi-stakeholder relationship system, embodied in local food councils. These are meant as mutual learning environments where smallholder farmers, food producers and consumers and LAs from involved EU countries engage themselves to amplify their voices within the national and EU food agenda, where citizens can modify their approach to food consumption towards more sustainable ways of living and where target group engagement on food issues is leveraged by an enhanced comprehension and understanding of global interconnections of food systems.

The forum stands at the conclusion of a dense period of capacity building and territorial activation in five EU countries (Italy, Cyprus, Great Britain, France, Lithuania) promoted and facilitated by more than a hundred "catalyst", facilitators of local networks some food. This follows the international event held in Milan from 3 to 5 June 2015 as part of the Expo of Peoples and to the conference "Food, sustainability and territory" organized on 23 and 24 October at the University of Bergamo from ' Cores observatory. The forum wants to lay the foundations for the creation of a movement useful to the consolidation of a sustainable model of production and consumption of food in Europe.

As part of the international debate on the new forms of governance for food systems, the forum is intended as a space for mutual learning and sharing of time for alternative food networks. For two days of seminars and workshops will be offered self inspired by the principles of the declaration of Nyéléni aimed at enhancing the practices of social mobilization experience in the various territories.

Main topics of the workshop will be:

• access to land for the "new" farmers in a perspective of intergenerational dialogue
• the role of alternative food systems in defense of the commons
• new areas of food democracy through the promotion of local food council
• market access for small producers, the role of alternative food networks in the promotion of new forms of distribution


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