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ACRA centre


Via Lazzaretto 3 - 20124 Milano
T +39 02 27000291 F +39 02 2552270





Capitale: Roma

Superficie: 301.340 km²

Popolazione: 61.261.254


The Italian territory is densely anthropized and shows diverse characteristics : volcanic, endo-lagoonal, calcareous... The hilly areas are prevalent with respect to the mountainous ones and the plains, the average altitude of the territory is about 337 metres a.s.l..

A member of the G8, according to the World Bank, in 2010 Italy represented the eighth economic power in the world for absolute nominal GDP, in front of India and behind Brazil ,which becomes the tenth if one considers the purchasing power parity.

The Italian economy occupies an important role also in international trade, occupying the eighth place in export and import of goods. Like all advanced economies, also the Italian economy is oriented towards the service sector, which in 2011 represented a little under 75% of the added value (against 50% in 1970).

ACRA's efforts in Italy are guided by a triple objective: inform and sensitize people, involve the young generations, develop and build capacities to generate change by laying bridges between the North and South, through channels of decentralized cooperation.


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Human Development Index
on 187 countries in the worlds*
24th position Urban population* 68%
Average age** 43,5 years
- 42,4 men
- 44,7 women
Per Capita Income (PPP)* $ 26.484
($ 72,55 a day)
Population living under the
poverty line**
n.p. Life expectancy at birth* 80 years
Under 5 mortality* 4/1000 HIV prevalence in adults** 0,3%
Children under 5 who are underweight for their age** n.p. Unemployment rate** 8,4%
Workforce occupation** 3.9% agricolture
28,3% industry
67,8% services
Literacy rate** 98,4%
- 98,8% men
- 98% women
Population with access to drinking water*** 100% Population without access to sanitation*** 0%
* Source UNDP
** Source CIA
*** Source UNICEF and World Health Organization Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation 2012