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 Adopt a door in Zanzibar

 is the ACRA campaign for preservation and promotion of the artistic and cultural heritage of Stone Town in Zanzibar.

"Beauty will save the world" (Dostoevskij)

ACRA pursues this vision since 2014 through the project of Zanzibar Built Heritage Job Creation Development, in Stone Town co-funded by the European Union. The project aims to contribute to the conservation and promotion of artistic and cultural heritage of Zanzibar through the restoration of one of the most important artistic heritages of the whole humanity.



The ancient doors of Zanzibar narrate centuries of history and are a model of skill. Today, however, they are in a serious danger.

Their state of degradation is worrying and it’s now necessary to take safeguard measures.


The challenge is also to keep alive the skills needed to preserve such beauty in good condition. For this reason, ACRA enabled training of specialized personnel, thus contributing to the creation of new jobs and to the economic growth of the country.



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What can you do?


You can help ACRA making a donation for the restoration of

soko muhogo door

of Zanzibar


porta soko muhogo

The door built during the Barghash Sultanate era (1870-1880) of one of the buildings belonging to the royal family who lived there.

With Indian and Arabic influences, each symbol of the door has its own meaning:

  • Hindu tree of life representation, used to ward off evil spirits;
  • circular spikes used to prevent elephants attacks of the enemy, but since there are no elephants in Zanzibar this symbol was used to show the wealth of the owners of the building;
  • lions, snakes and eagles all symbols of power and strength.
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Be a part of this big project!




rete dono





raise at least

500 €

and your name will appear on the plaque next to the restored door.

.... save the beauty